A 6-Week Immunity Boost Program hosted LIVE by Bottomline Experts

It’s time to put your trust in a program that is motivated by your needs and backed by top experts. 

Don’t drown in all the noise — throw yourself a lifeline.


Over the course of 6 weeks of Bottom Line’s Immunity Lifeline, you will learn:

The Immune System Basics

Unlike a heart or a brain, you can’t “see” your immune system. It exists in many corners of your body... protecting and attacking. To manage it you need to understand it... see it... feel it... love it. Learn how your system works and what it needs in order to fight off any virus.

The COVID-19 Elephant In the Room

There are specific actions you can take TODAY to help protect yourself from getting the virus that causes COVID-19 and to heal faster if you do get it. These actions power up your body’s natural abilities to protect and defend itself from attack. Sadly your doctor is likely not telling you to do these things.

Food / Nutrition

If you want your body to be a fighter, your nutrition has to be at the top of its game. Get an actionable breakdown of which foods are going to fight hardest for you. For example, drinking concord grape juice powers your T-cells, the ones whose job it is to find and destroy attackers.


Stress causes heart attacks and back pain. It also has a major impact on your immune system. You can’t avoid stressespecially nowbut you can learn how to manage it so that it doesn’t break down your defenses. You need a roadmap to identify and manage the biggest stressors in your life. We will help you create that.


Do you prioritize your sleep? How about your exercise regimen? Learn how to find that “sweet spot” for daily exercise, and why your everyday habits are more important than you know.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Do you prioritize your sleep? How about your exercise regimen? Learn how to find that “sweet spot” for daily exercise, and why your everyday habits are more important than you know.


Sometimes even the healthiest foods are not enough. The right nutritional and botanical supplements can make a huge difference in your body!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Sometimes even the healthiest foods are not enough. The right nutritional and botanical supplements can make a huge difference in your body!



Society is learning an all-important lesson right now — 

epidemics will arise no matter how modern the world gets.


You need to take your health into your own hands. Keeping yourself safe isn’t just about treating symptoms as they come. It’s about maintaining a strong body that is resilient in the face of anything from the common cold to a global pandemic. This is the first time most of us are experiencing such a world event, but it certainly won’t be the last time it happens. The most important thing you can do now is get informed by a trusted source and start to take real steps to strengthen your body and your immune system.

Who is this program for? 

Everyone but Superman.
 While there are segments of the population who are at higher risk for illness—including elderly people, people with diabetes, those with high blood pressure and those who are obese—most of us are running our immune systems at the bottom of the tank due to poor sleep, poor nutrition and too much stress. Thankfully, re-filling the tank is not a huge project nor does it require daily homework, big promises or a lot of money. Just a few simple shifts and choosing to make your own health and wellness a top priority. We’ve all been hugely committed to taking care of the community with social distancing and mask-wearing. Well, compared to those steps, improving your own health is so much easier and more fun.

As part of the Immunity Lifeline Program, you will be granted access to:


  • Six (6) Weekly LIVE Online Sessions with Sarah Hiner detailing each facet of strengthening and maintaining a healthy immune system 
  • Leading Experts will share their knowledge in each of the specific areas of immune strengthening…
    • Dr. William Liphysician scientist and best-selling author, puts the immune system in perspective and makes it come alive in a way that everyone can understand and WANT to support its efforts. His specific guidance on foods that power you up will make you think you’re cheating because they are so delicious.
    • Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, holistic physician and nationally recognized expert on lifestyle medicine, shows you the simple steps and choices that really drive your immune system. Every hour of every day, you have the chance to build strength or deplete it... Dr. Teitelbaum shows you how.
  • A Private Facebook Community to provide support from the experts and from each other. There is huge power in learning from a group of like-minded people who, like you, want to survive and thrive in this post-COVID world.
  • A LIFETIME 10% DISCOUNT at the Bottom Line Store, where you can easily find the products that will help keep you strong.  All products have been selected by our naturopathic physician to ensure product quality. 
      • A FREE copy of the newly published Real Cause Real Cure by Dr. Teitelbaum (a $59.95 value)
      • Self-assessment so you can get an idea of how strong your defenses are
      • Worksheets to help you stay on point
      • Lifestyle inventory
      • Advice on successfully building healthy habits
      • Shopping lists
      • Tips to power up your cooking
      • Daily messages and reminders
  • and more

This program is a lifeline for a reason — it’s not just a black hole of information you’ll end up forgetting. It’s a source of knowledge with a plan and a whole lot of back- up information. Most resources out there are so full of conflicting information and unreliable sources, they make it impossible to make out what you actually need to do in order to optimize your defenses

Only $197!


Learn how to protect your life in a post-COVID-19 world, guided by the expertise of a health and wellness brand that has been trusted by millions of people for nearly 50 years.

Nature is reminding us again just how vulnerable we are… that in a moment a tiny germ can overwhelm a population. With everyone fearful for their lives and anxiously waiting for doctors and scientists to find a solution, Bottom Line Inc CEO Sarah Hiner has taken her extensive database of information and experience, and transformed it into an accessible online program. The Immunity Lifeline delivers expert-backed advice and actionable steps to give you the power to protect yourself from this — and future —”micro-invaders”.

The human body is an incredible machine that has been built to withstand challenges. But, like the fanciest sports car, it has to be kept in tune or it simply can’t win the race. Sadly, life’s stresses, environmental toxins, and other factors have conspired against us when it comes to keeping up the “maintenance schedule.” That changes here.

Treatments and vaccines hopefully will come, but they will take time and are not without their risks. That’s why Sarah and her Bottom Line Experts have put together this 6-week program to help you take back your power over your own life and health. Yes, it’s 6 weeksnot because the plans are complex… but because there are so many options for how you can help yourself be strong through the assorted health challenges that confront us every day. 

With this program you can have unprecedented access to the knowledge and wisdom
of eminent physicians and scientists such as...

William Li, MD

Physician-scientist world-renowned for his ground-breaking advice on nutrition and its impact on the immune system in his best-selling book Eat to Beat Disease.

Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Holistic physician and nationally recognized expert on fatigue, sleep and lifestyle medicine.

...and other information and advice from the country’s most prestigious institutions including Stanford University, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and New York University.


Meet Sarah

Sarah Hiner is president and CEO of Bottom Line Inc., helping people to live simple, healthy, and centered lives. Keeping her body healthy and strong has been a top priority as she has been leading the company’s transformation from a traditional publisher to a multi-media network of information, services, and products.(Talk about stress!)  Driven by a passion for empowering people with access to knowledge, resources, and products, Sarah has grown Bottom Line into the go-to health and wellness content source for more than 500,000 customers each year. Through her role at Bottom Line, Sarah has worked with and learned from hundreds of leading experts. She has an unquenchable curiosity and a unique perspective and ability to assimilate information, placing her in a powerful position as an advocate for her subscribers and the public in general.  

Since taking over, she has evolved the family business to reflect her belief that people have more control over their lives than they realize, and she wants to help them live “the Bottom Line Life.” One that puts them in control by providing actionable, easy-to-access programs, like The Immunity Lifeline. Sarah also writes a weekly blog entitled Common Threads and is host of Bottom Line’s new podcast Bottom Line Advocator. Sitting down with today’s most successful and influential experts, Sarah’s very relatable style provides listeners with action-focused advice they can implement in their lives immediately.